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Zynga’s Farmville for Facebook – Tractor, Harvester and Seeder, Cheat.

September 30, 2009 1 comment

Your tractor is obsolete! There is nothing you can do! OBEY THE CHEATS!


If you have been harvesting, plowing and seeding everyday like a good little farmer then you probably know just how boring it is watching your little guy or gal walk around doing their chores. If, like me you have spent hours hating this waste then you probably saved all of your coins just to buy a tractor, harvester, or a seeder only to find out that you need farm cash to refill the harvester, tractor and seeder with farm cash!

This is how zynga makes its money so telling you this is not going to get me any friends.


You can make your like quicker easier and generally more fun by trapping your little dude or dudette inside some hay or a fence or whatever you can. Just make sure he is your prisoner. Then because he can not walk around the seeding, harvesting and plowing will be done almost as quickly as you can click on the squares.