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Cheating, hacking, cracking and exploiting Zynga’s Farmville on Facebook.

September 29, 2009 1 comment

I am here and I have decided to finally post to this blog. I know it has been a while but I have something so cool that I had to share it with my lack of readership. 

I have discovered a way on facebook to make zyngas farmville game extremely easy. It is not really cheating hacking cracking or anything really bad. It is an auto clicker to trade coins for exp.


What I was doing before discovering this little trick was playing the game as normal. Adding tons of friends to get neighbors and they sent me gifts and life was good. Although the gifts were piling up and I didnt really have the time to accept all of my farmville gifts, I was still happy plugging away a little bit at a time. So then I was after experience and I discovered that plowing and planting gets you exp and you get to hang onto that exp even if you delete the plot that you just plowed and planted. So I spent half an hour plowing, planting deleting and repeating the process several million times until I started to strongly dislike farmville. 

After doing my time plowing and planting for zynga I found myself an auto-clicker. Farmville Auto Clicker This is a completly free autoclicker and if you want easy experience in farmville by zynga on facebook then download this nifty little tool for a fast leveling experience.


Now the Farmville Auto Clicker is an easy tool to use but i’ll still give you a bit of instructions. Once you download it and get it running on your screen you are going to have to plan where you want it to click on your screen. Basically what you do is run through one cycle of plowing, planting, harvesting and deleting. but before you click like you normally would you just have to make sure that the auto clicker program is at the top of your window (your main window, or front window) then hit the spacebar while your mouse is at the spot that you want the click to be. Everytime that you hit the space bar be sure to make sure that the auto clicker program is at the front of your windows. One you figure it out for yourself it is a super easy tool to use to get really easy farmville experience.

I spent half an hour using this program at 700ms per click and it gor me from the beginning of lvl 19 to half of level 21. I was extremely impressed with this Farmville Auto Clicker because while all of this great exp gaining was going on I was off having dinner, watching TV and enjoying life instead of playing this rediciously addictive game. If you are hooked on farmville by zynga on facebook then you need to get this going.